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Refresh and Deodourize


Our odour treatment is non-toxic, chemical-free and leaves no residue. Ozone is extremely effective on smoke and foul organic food, pet or “mystery” odours.


We use the finest dry foam equipment to clean carpets, leather, upholstery and even mattresses. This service is economical and great for allergy sufferers.


Ozone is one of the most powerful sterilizers in the world. It is 3000 times more effective than chlorine in water and 2.5 times better than bleach as a germicide.

Best Carpet Cleaning You’ve Ever Had.

No more wet carpets! Our process leaves your carpets cleaned, restored and most importantly – dry in almost an hour.  Our cleaning is industry-rated #1 and superior to truck-mounted cleaning systems.


Cigarette Smoke Odour

When I first purchased the house, it was hard to stay inside for more than 5 minutes. The smell of cigarette smoke was so strong I’d have to shower every time I left the house. Many thought that it would be impossible to remove the smell, but OdorXout did!

The customer service provided by John was second to none. John made sure that the job was done right, even if it meant coming back a second time. The house is now completely free of cigarette odours and I have OdorXout to thank for that.

I would highly recommend OdorXout and will certainly use their services again.

Mike Saunders

Ottawa, ON

Pet Odour

One day coming home I was engulfed by a horrible smell. It came from my office carpet. One of my pets had peepeed on it but was not sure if it was one of my dogs and the cat. I attempted 3 different remedies found on the internet without success. After 1 week I emailed OdorXout Ottawa and they solved it fast. My carpet is looking and smelling great. They get the job done, thank you!

Noemie L. Cote

Ottawa, ON

Rental Renewal

One of our units was occupied by heavy smokers for more than six years. When the time came for them to move on we were faced with a huge clean up problem. The walls and ceilings were yellowed by nicotine and the whole place smelled of smoke.

John came in mid-morning, worked his magic, and by next morning the walls and ceilings were back to their original colours and the place no longer smelled of smoke.

If not for purely aesthetic reasons we could have forgone painting the unit.

Don McCallum

Ottawa, ON

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